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In the eye of the beholder…

Green tops, green pants. The women of La Vista Correctional Facility filed into the visitors area for our time together. Some entered with smiles, others came visibly bearing their burdens. Several looked fresh out of high school. Blond hair, blue … Continue reading

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If this makes you smile…

…then just imagine what heaven will be like!! Happy Easter everyone!

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Some secrets are meant to be kept (Flashback Friday)

From January 21st, 2005 Sami and I have a secret, sacred mother-daughter code. Anytime that we share something with each other that we don’t want anyone else to know, we put up our pinky fingers, lock them, do a little … Continue reading

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Is it really necessary to squawk like that??

Its 5:30 in the morning. It’s still dark out, but they’re chattering like they’re in a crowded restaurant at noon. I wake up to them. It’s spring. It’s nearly dawn. And the birds are announcing the day. “It’s here! It’s … Continue reading

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One Mom’s Fight Against Tuckuses and Ticks (Flashback Friday)

From March, 2006 (Sam was 14 – at 19, she now makes much better musical decisions!) : Sam loves music. If she could, her headphones would be surgically implanted for her constant listening pleasure. Unfortunately some of the music Sam … Continue reading

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A Bit Big for Their Britches

It’s not often that I laugh out loud during my quiet time, but it happened this morning. I was reading in Luke. Jesus and the disciples were heading into a village and the people there didn’t welcome him. James and … Continue reading

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Mile Marker 42

I am so not dignified. Really. It’s mildly embarrassing how giddy I get when I’m about to see my man. When I arrived home Sunday night after a busy run of travel, I had a smile on my face before … Continue reading

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Quiet and courage

I want to make it better. I want to walk in the door with Caleb on my arm. I want to bring him back to his mom and dad right now. This life can be so hard. There is no … Continue reading

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