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Don’t say goodbye. A post for the heartbroken.

I saw you today. Your head was bowed, your shoulders slumped, your eyes to the ground. Your backpack looked like it weighted a thousand pounds. You crossed in front of my car at a stoplight – your shuffling steps made … Continue reading

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Like breathing and eating and peeing.

Exciting news!! GodhasDimples will go away soon. I now have a permanent blogging home. If you have enjoyed my writing over the years, will you please join me there? The blog post title you just read… you’ll find it there. … Continue reading

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I watched you today.

  I watched you. Sometimes with my heart in my throat, sometimes with tears in my eyes. I wanted you to connect, to feel welcome, to make a friend. I wanted people to be nice to you and you to … Continue reading

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They’re home! They’re home!

Two of our babies are home… Thank you Lord!

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Perfection is overrated!

If you ever feel like you mess up as a parent, take comfort from this. 🙂

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Taken by ambulance – you won’t believe what happened next!

It started with a ferocious leg cramp. Like a  charley horse on steroids, it hit the muscle in my shin. Never felt anything like it. Whined like a baby as Brian tried to stretch and massage it. I stood up … Continue reading

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When broken things get fixed

It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes broken things stay broken for a million different reasons. But our God is working, He is always working – and hope, life… and even sweet, godly romance are possible! Check our story out here.

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