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They’re home! They’re home!

Two of our babies are home… Thank you Lord!

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Perfection is overrated!

If you ever feel like you mess up as a parent, take comfort from this. 🙂

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Taken by ambulance – you won’t believe what happened next!

It started with a ferocious leg cramp. Like a  charley horse on steroids, it hit the muscle in my shin. Never felt anything like it. Whined like a baby as Brian tried to stretch and massage it. I stood up … Continue reading

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When broken things get fixed

It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes broken things stay broken for a million different reasons. But our God is working, He is always working – and hope, life… and even sweet, godly romance are possible! Check our story out here.

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She called her “Cousin.” Not by her name, “Hannah,” but by her relationship. Like she calls us Mama and Papa and Oma, Hannah was Cousin. And she said it a lot. “Cousin!” “Cousinnnnn!” “COUSIN!” Savannah adored the time with Hannah, her 14 year-old cousin visiting from … Continue reading

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Give up, little mouse! It’s hopeless! Or is it?

The little guy wouldn’t give up. Brian, Hannah (my niece) and I watched as the tiny mouse reached from underneath the fireplace to grab one of Savannah’s balls. He pulled, he yanked and it just wouldn’t fit. I filmed him. … Continue reading

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Mom, Mum, Mama, MOMMY!!!

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And then things got crazy. Our wild adoption story.

I’ve been wanting to capture our whole adoption story in video. I’ve been working on it for weeks. I’ve cried every time I’ve edited, watched, uploaded. I love hearing other stories… and it was time to share ours.  Click here to watch … Continue reading

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Gorillas, alligators and a monster mouse – what a weekend!

It was our first adventure in a camper. It all went well, if you don’t count my mini meltdown. 🙂 We saw Gorillas, a crazy huge mouse and ate s’mores. Here’s a 5 minute snapshot of our adventures – would … Continue reading

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Doesn’t get much better than this!

When she was just a child, my mom was imprisoned in Japanese concentration camps. She experienced such horror… And yet she stands today as an 80-year-old woman with joy, hope and peace. She is amazing – this is her story: … Continue reading

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