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Less naked jiggling, more good stories please

So we watched X Factor last night. Aside from the half naked man that totally creeped us out, we liked it. In fact at the end of the show, they had a great story about a young guy who has … Continue reading

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Some secrets are meant to be kept (Flashback Friday)

From January 21st, 2005 Sami and I have a secret, sacred mother-daughter code. Anytime that we share something with each other that we don’t want anyone else to know, we put up our pinky fingers, lock them, do a little … Continue reading

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One Mom’s Fight Against Tuckuses and Ticks (Flashback Friday)

From March, 2006 (Sam was 14 – at 19, she now makes much better musical decisions!) : Sam loves music. If she could, her headphones would be surgically implanted for her constant listening pleasure. Unfortunately some of the music Sam … Continue reading

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She paved the way

Here I sit, in Okinawa, Japan, and the truth is I should hate being here. Years ago my mom was imprisoned by the Japanese. From 6 to 10 years old, she was held captive on the island of Indonesia. She … Continue reading

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It’s not easy being a woman (flashback Friday)

November 21, 2003 Being a woman is hard, and the traps of womanhood snare me with greater and greater frequency. It all started with the whole eyebrow waxing thing. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. How would that look? One … Continue reading

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Cute boys, worthy goals and lasting life tokens (Flashback Friday)

Well, after tallying all the results, organizing them, sifting them and analyzing the polls from this week, I’ve come to a huge decision: I’m going to post whenever the stuff comes pouring out of my brain. Actually, you really helped … Continue reading

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Dance in your jammies (Part 2 to Look at me!)

Ok, so yesterday I talked about my deep need to know I matter, that I’m special to God, my family and at least a few thousand (OK, OK, 787) Facebook friends. I pooh-poohed thinking too much of the good things … Continue reading

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Look at me!

  It started pretty much from day one…. Look at me! My longing to be noticed started off harmless enough. After all, I was the first girl born after a batch of boys. Look at my toes! Look at my … Continue reading

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