But I Don’t Wanna!

I don’t like it.

I don’t like it one little bit. It feels vulnerable and scary and overwhelming.

But I have to do it. I can’t do this on my own and I have to ask for your help. I need your quarters. Pennies. Crumpled dollar bills. Shiny nickels. Whatever you have, really. I’ll take it all.

It’s for a teen suicide prevention event God has set on my heart. This event keeps me up through the night – I can’t get these kids off of my mind! So much so that I will do what I hate doing – ask for money. Our local church is hosting the event on April 5th, but it’s our gig so I am gathering the funding. We hope to have 500 teens, maybe more. We need help paying our speakers (not me, this one’s pro bono for me – don’t want you to think I’m padding my own little coffers!). We want to get tote bags for the teens – full of resources (got a ton of quality content coming). We want to do an Instagram marketing campaign to get their attention. We want to spoil them with giveaways that will give them a chance to connect with one another – restaurants, bowling, laser tag – fun stuff that will open the door to face-to-face relationships.

It’s not a tax-deductible donation because I don’t have a non-profit for this… yet. But the donation is love-deductible.

Okay, yeah. So that was lame – but kinda cute?

I’m grateful for any help you can offer. Here is the GoFundMe link with some other details: www.gofundme.com/lightupthedarkcos.

There. I did it.



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1 Response to But I Don’t Wanna!

  1. Maryalice Castillo says:

    Thank you for sharing I have been wondering where you have been. good to hear from you hope the family is good. I will touch base with my daughter to see how we can donate to your request. It hits home for us due to a niece who talks about killing herself all the time and my sister doesn’t know how to help her. Thank you

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